amalfi coast

amalfi coastamalfi coast

So, far the best trip I’ve had in my life. You can easily be carried away on Amalfi coast by the beautiful scenery, delicious food and the charm that Italians have. I haven’t had much time to visit it all, but it turned out that I’ve seen and experienced a lot more then I expected to. I wish I could tell and show everything in one blog post but there is just too much things that’ve happened, that I’ve seen, food I’ve tasted and photos I’ve taken. So, for the first post bout this amazing region I’ve made a short travel guide for all of you that’re planning a getaway to Amalfi coast. If you need any additional information, I am more than happy to help. 🙂


Amalfi coast facts and tips

Currency: Euro

Position: Southern Italy

Biggest City in region: Naples

Language: mostly Italian, English if you are lucky, waving, jumping, pantomime

Transport from the airport: Look for Alibus it costs 4€ one way. Taxis cost 19€ to the center.

Metro ticket: 1€ one way

Cities must do: Naples, Sorrento, Pompeii, Positano and Capri


Average Italian breakfast meal cost: 4€ and 3kg extra body weight gained (Cafe Late + Brioche)

Average Pizza Margerita cost: 5€ (worth 1.000.000 euros <3)

Average pasta cost: 10€





  • Metro ticket: 1€ one way
  • Train Naples-Sorrento: 3.6€ one way

Naples is third biggest city in Italy, the birthplace of the genuine pizza (I swear I’ve never eaten better pizza Margerita!). Pizzaria De Michele it is supposed to own the best pizza in the city but expect to wait in lines for a piece. We were too much starving and went to the pizzeria opposite to it and if that was the best pizza I’ve eaten, I can’t imagine how good is supposed to be the one in De Michele 😉 Anyway, I recommend visiting Castello del Elme which is the highest point of the city and it offers stunning views of the city and Mount Vesuvuio, and try to get to the immense Piazza del Plebiscito and get inside Palazzo Reale for impressive architecture.

amalfi coast



  • Entrance fee: 15€ adults, 7.5€ students
  • Audio guide: 8€

The minute I stepped into that historic city I felt the breeze of history coming from every single corner of the area. For a moment I felt back in time, surrounded by magnificent architecture, hustle and bustle of ancient Roman city. The next moment, I was back among the sad ruins that could only indicate all the architecture, feelings and people that were once living in Pompeii. I recommend taking the whole day to experience Pompeii, we were wandering there only one afternoon and managed to see not more than one quarter of the city (Late night nightouts a day before not recommended. 😉 ). Recommend taking an audio guide and a map at the entrance, you will be lost in the city without it 🙂

Pompeiiamalfi coastpompeii


  • Ferry: cca 17€ per person one way
  • Bus: 1.8€ one way
  • Limoncello: 3€
  • Gelato: 3€

Ohh Capri. I’ll never forget you. I never thought this island would impress me so much. It is known for being a posh people holiday destination (prices say it all), however, even travelling low budget I’ve never felt unaccepted or unfamiliar. We were planning to stay here for one day, but stunning nature and welcoming locals made us stay for a day more. If you are here, you need to visit Augustus gardens, for breathtaking views of Faraglioni and serpentine road going steeply down the hill. I also recommend visiting the little city of Anacapri in afternoon, which can be reached by the bus. However those buses are really small and be prepared to wait in line, because of mass of tourists coming to the island. Well, that’s why we decided to hitchike and it turned out to be the best decision ever! 🙂 After Anacapri, you need to go and see the sunset in Faro on the Western coast of the island. And the last but definitely not the least must do on Capri – Limoncello degustation! (Alcoholic baverage made from lemons and it’s twice as strong as you think it is. It made me dizzy after one glass.)

amalfi_capriamalfi coastamalfi_coastamalfi coast


  • Bus Sorrento-Positano: 2.2€ one way
  • Cafe Latte: 4€
  • Local food store sandwich: 3.5€

One of my favourites on the Amalfi coast. The moment the bus drove out of the mountains, it opened up amazing view in front of us and all the passengers literally sticked there noses to the window. I’ve never seen anything like that. It’s a little bit like a fairytale – all the colours, cute little houses, palm trees and the open sea. I’ve visited it during the night and day and I was stunned every time. Go to the hotel La Sirenuse to get the best view (and the best photo 😉 ) of the city. And there is one thing more I really recommend – especially for those on low budget, but still want to eat the real Italian delicacies – go to the local food store and ask them to make you a mozzarella sandwich. It’s the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten in my life!

amalfi coastamalfi coast

I could talk about this trip for hours, but I tried to sum it up in few sentences. But I am planning to do another post about the way I do it – backpacking, or should I say Luxury backpacking. 😉

Se more photos on my Instagram and there is even more of them coming! Check out the photos HERE!


Love, K


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  1. Valentina F says:

    Absolutely incredible! My parents have already been to Pompeii and have advertised it to me so well that I can’t wait to pay the city a visit, you have also greatened my wanderlust. And the Amalfi coast is an undoubtful bucket list no matter the person and their origin! I am in constant awe of the photographs you took, it may just be the places, but the colours make them seem divine!
    Lovely post, happy travels!

    • klarazupancic says:

      Valentina, thank you so much! It means a lot to me, since my purpose is to trigger wanderlust in all of you, my dear readers. I definitely recommend Amalfi coast, at first I didn’t excpect it to be so divine but it turned out to be one of my favourite travels. I am definitely coming back in the future! Happy travels to you too! <3
      Love, K

  2. Maja Gazvoda says:

    Tako dobra objava!! Še več fotk prosim🤗😊, ker si gotovo tono hudih slik posnela, kako da ne bi, če si bila pa na takem lepem potovanju. Zdej je tole gotovo na mojem seznamu za naslednje potovanje! Komaj čakam naslednjo objavo. Tile vodniki so odlični!

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