imperfectly perfect



Having a pink sweater and pink faux fur on lately it’s definitely time to go back to black and edgy. Spring is coming upon us, sun is already warming up our skin and it feels just perfect to put the skirt on again. I combined it with Ramones T-shirt, oversized mens bomber jacket and ankle boots. I don’t know why but I love combining trashy and urban clothes with elegant pieces like these boots. Thinking about that “weirdo” thing about me – it’s maybe the aftereffect of my indecision, double me, wanting to be elegant and feminine but at the same time can’t go out of my skin, being a tomboy and cool. For a long time I looked at this like and obstacle or mistake of mine, but now I have accepted my ‘mistake’ as part of me and I can’t change it. I love this mistake. 🙂

That’s the thing about our flaws – we should embrace them, love them and look at them from different perspective. I know it’s hard – I still have gazillion mistakes that maybe only I see, but I am really putting effort in accepting them. It’s a waste of time and energy, caring about something that doesn’t exists, no one else sees and it’s only in your imagination. Try seeing your disadvantages as your advantages, because they can make you different if you take them to the full potential. But first, you have to accept it. As long as you look at them as you obstacle you won’t move forward in any aspect. The moment you start appreciating yourself, the world will open up for you. There is no perfect in this world. But remember, there exists imperfectly perfect in every single one of us.

Love and embrace yourselves.

xoxo, K


Bomber: ZARA man

T-shirt: H&M

Skirt: ZARA

Shoes: ZARA

Sunglasses: ZeroUV

imperfectly perfectimperfectly perfect imperfectly perfect imperfectly perfect imperfectly perfect imperfectly perfectimperfectly perfect imperfectly perfectimperfectly perfect imperfectly perfectimperfectly perfect


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